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My Vision From God

It was on my heart to share how God opened my eyes to walk a deeper walk with God in things of His Holy Spirit. Because I was raised in a church (religious system) that did not believe in the fullness of gifts of God's Holy Spirit; I was taught that the gifts passed away when the apostles died. I would be in the chapter of Acts reading the bible and when I got to all the manifestations of the Gifts of God's Holy Spirit, and then I would read right over it because it did not apply to me today. In effect I was making the word of God of no effect, void in my life, at least for those passages. Mark 7:13..so you cancel the word of God for the sake of your own tradition. Matthew 15:6. You cancel the word of God in order to hand down your own tradition.

Well, in the early 1980's I began to seek the Lord with much diligence. I had given my heart to the lord at the age of 13. At that time I asked the Lord Jesus for the gift to write songs. But when the Lord gave me the gift to write songs, the gifting was very specific and I only had the gifting to write love songs. This became a great tool to reach the students at my high school because I would play one of my love songs on the piano and then afterwards I would talk to the students gathered around the piano, about the love of Jesus and how He came to earth and gave His life, so that we could know God personally for ourselves.

I continued to write love songs into my early twenties and then I began send my love songs to record company producers and publishers to have my music sung by other artists. One day the phone rang and I picked up to find one the of the world's most renown record producers and publisher on the other end of the phone line. Christian de Walden handled some the world's most popular singing artists. He told me he loved my love song and he was leaving for the airport, to Nashville to receive the award for his published song by Lee Greenwood's number single hit, “I Owe You.” Christian went on to say he was going to take my song to the biggest artist in the world.

Somehow after our conversation was over and when I hung up the phone and my heart sank and something inside me felt empty. I said, “God this is not what I really want, I want you.” I realized I had put my songs and pursuing fame and fortune above seeking the Lord, and putting Him first. I said, “God I have left my first love.” From that day on I began to seek the Lord and though I tried day after day, praying and seeking God, then heavens seemed as brass and I could not feel the presence of God. It seemed as if God was going to see how serious I really was in seeking His face once again. This went on for almost two months and then one night I went to bed, fell asleep and began to dream and then something incredible happened.

In my dream I was worshipping God and as I was worshipping God I could feel my spirit being extremely caught up in God's presence. Soon I found my spirit being pulled out of my body, from this point on my dream became a vision. I personally believe that a vision is so strong that God personally imprints what happened onto our spirit, almost like a hot branding iron, so that we can never forget what happened to us.

I kept worshipping God and as I worshipped I was pulled up through my home ceiling out into the sky's atmosphere, where the earth was just a little bit larger than a baseball. Though I could see the earth behind me, I did not turn my head to look at the earth; somehow I could see behind me. It was if that in the presence of God, I was not allowed to turn my head or turn my back. I could only face God. My worshipping went on for quite awhile. I can only describe this Glory of God like this. I knew that if I had been in my physical body, then every cell in my being would explode. God's glory was so great that I did not ever want to come back to earth. My whole being was enveloped with the Glory and presence of God.

After a while I found that my spirit was being pulled back to earth. All the time as I was being pulled back, cried out to God, “Please let me stay with You, I only want to be with You God.” Even though my heart cried out to stay with God, I went back down to my home through the house and back down into my bed where my physical body was and where I was sleeping. Once God's glory is tasted in this way, earthly things just can't be compared with the glory of God. There is absolutely no comparison

Great disappointment filled my whole being as I knew I was once again back to earth and back into my physical body. I still felt the glory of God to a degree but nothing compared to what I had experienced as I worshipped in my spirit and free from this earth shell of a physical body. I kept pleading with God to let me spend more time worshipping Him. Then suddenly again the whole scenario happened all over again. Once again I left my body and I found my spirit being pulled up through the roof out into the sky and through the clouds until I was out in space; where the earth was small. I stayed for a while just continuing to worship and then again I found myself being pulled straight back to earth. But this time when I arrived back to earth; I was standing in bed; that is my spirit was standing in bed where I was sleeping.

Suddenly I saw a drop fall out of heaven and it landed on my forehead and when it hit my head I fell into my bed and then a fire began to burn in my innermost being, my stomach began to burn with intense heat and electricity; like a bolt of lighting and the fire began to move up my body, through my chest and into my throat and as it came up my throat I felt my tongue moving and suddenly a foreign language began to come out of my mouth. Then a thought came to my head, according to how I had been raised to believe that tongues passed away with the apostles. My thought was, “This is of the devil.” Just as suddenly as the presence of Holy Spirit had come, suddenly the presence of the Holy Spirit left. I was so stunned by this power that had hit me that I could not move from the bolt of God's power that had struck me. It was almost 30 minutes before I can move or speak.

I could not understand how this language could truly be God's, yet I knew it had to be God. His presence and glory are absolutely unmistakable! Have you ever been worshipping God all His glory is so great? Well this was 100 times that same Holy Spirit Presence of God. I would have to search the word of God to find the answer I needed. For if this experience was truly God, I would find this experience in the word of God. The next morning I woke up and I told God, if this drop that fell out of heaven was a new anointing to write songs to You, then I would be able to sit down at the piano and I would be able to write a song and it would carry an anointing, it would carry the essence of the presence of God as I played. So I sat down at the piano and that is exactly what happened as soon as my fingers touched the keys a song just flowed out of me and I began to play and sing a powerful and anointed song. At that moment I knew God had put a new anointing on my life to write and play worship songs to Him.

Two weeks later I ended up in a church that was spirit filled and God once again baptized me and filled me with Holy Spirit's fullness in me with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I was still so leery that I wanted God to give me several different languages so that I would know it was Him. That morning I spoke in 3 distinct languages. From that day on, I grew with God about 10 times faster than I had before, by praying in my new language and praying God's perfect will, praying through with and through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit became my friend and we had fellowship together and I grew in the THINGS OF GOD by leaps and bounds. From that day one I hungered for more of God. I hungered to know more about the THINGS OF GOD. God is an exciting infinite God and the experiences we can have by being in a close relationship with our comforter, the Holy Spirit can be endless. Why live a boring life? God is an exciting God. Today can be that day you walk closer to God and you can be baptized by the Holy Spirit too.

Written by: Cheryl Lundberg

Posted July 25, 2008




It's time to worship with such passion that we WORSHIP INTO THE HEAVENLIES. It's time for us to enter into powerful, intense worship with our God. It's time that we worship with great passion to Jesus our Lord, our soon coming Bridegroom. It's time to fall in love with Jesus. It's time to turn all of our worship songs towards the Lord Jesus Christ. Our worship needs to be the best we can give Him. Our worship needs to be songs with words that sing about Jesus, not about us and what we can get from Him. Songs need to be about the greatness of our God. Songs need to adore Him, love Him, giving Him all the glory, honor and praise. Let's worship Him. Let's turn our heart towards God once again. It's time to give our lives as a living sacrifice, our TRUE WORSHIP. Let's give God everything we can in worship!



This is the NEW Gospel WORSHIP CD, "Worship Into The Heavenlies." These are songs that the Lord has blessed me with, featuring "HE IS THE LAMB." I was asleep and dreaming and in this dream I was sitting at the piano then suddenly I felt the presence of an angel of the Lord drop down from heaven and as soon as the angel landed behind me and his feet touched the ground the power of God surgered through my body and down my arms and out my fingers and I began to play and sing the song, "He Was The Lamb, sacrificed, the spotless Lamb for us crucified." "I FALL ON MY KNEES , " came during a prayer meeting in my home.The song came as we worshipped deep in the Presence of Spirit of God. I was playing the piano and Howard Bell began to sing with the music I was playing. It felt as if heaven came down in that moment as we all joined in and began to sing, "I Fall On My Knees and cry Holy, Holy. It truly was HEAVENLY INSPIRED!!!



Cheryl Lundberg

To GOD be ALL the GLORY & ALL the HONOR!



-Cheryl Lundberg

Worship Leader, Producer & Songwriter of the Worship CD, "Worship Into The Heavenlies."

How Writing Worship For God Began

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Written By: Cheryl Lundberg
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