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I have been writing songs for many years. It began at the age of 13 when the Lord gave me the gift to write songs. It was not until I was in my early twenties when God allowed me to experience His Glory in a dream-vision where a drop fell out of heaven and touched my forehead. The next morning I woke up and I told God, "If this drop that fell out of heaven was a new anointing to write songs to You, then I would be able to sit down at the piano and I would be able to write a song and it would carry an anointing," it would carry the essence of the presence of God as I played. So I sat down at the piano and that is exactly what happened as soon as my fingers touched the keys a song just flowed out of me and I began to play and sing a powerful and anointed song. At that moment I knew God had put a new anointing on my life to write and play worship songs to Him. I wrote the best song I had ever written, and the anointing of God was present as I sung the song. From that time till now I have been worshiping the Lord, and as I would worship, I would just hear songs as if they just fell out of heaven. To Read More about this dream then (click here.)

One of the most powerful times I remember was during a prayer meeting I was holding in my living room at my home. Many of my friends had gathered for a time, just to worship and pray. Somewhere in that deep time of worship, I began to play a chord pattern I was hearing and as I did Howard Bell began to put words to the tune and then I added more words. The song, "I Fall On My Knees," was born. It is indescribable to share the deep place in the Spirit of God that we were when that song just flowed out like a gentle stream. That was where most of these songs came from, a lost place in worship. A place where I was just loving and worshiping my God and so gently a song just flowed from that loving passionate place. This CD was truely HEAVENLY INSPIRED!

Recently the Lord put on my heart to record a worship CD, and He impressed me to refine each worship song I had, and make sure that I took any selfish words in the lyrics from the songs. So I worked on the songs for almost a year refining them, as I felt the Lord wanted me to do. Then I went to three of my friends. One of those friends was Tamera Cornwall, who had prophetic insight and gifting and she, Mark Richardson and my daughter, Cristy Martin also has prophetic insight they became my song advisors. They gave me advice and once again I adjusted my songs to greater glorify God.

Then I felt the Lord impress me that I should record in Nashville, Tennessee the last week in October. I researched a recording studio Paul Crouch had recently started in Hendersonville, Tennessee; just above Nashville. I called the station manager, Rick Lloyd and I shared my vision for the worship CD. I wanted to record a worship CD that would allow the worshipper to worship from one song to to the next and flow one song to the next allowing one to stay in the presence of God, without any abrupt changes in music that would change the flow and mood. He asked me to send a CD of all the songs and how I would like to have them recorded.

When my songs arrived at the Recording Studio, TMC Recording in Hendersonville, Tennessee, the songs were scored out for the musicians. Rick Lloyd was the Studio Manager for TBN's Recording Studio that Paul Crouch had started with Rick Lloyd there in Hendersonville. Rick has musicians he calls in for his recording sessions. Rick told me that some of the musicians have played with Amy Grant.

As a producer, one of the responsibilities Rick Lloyd had was to bring in the musicians. They were great musicians. Some of them currently were worship leaders at their church. All the songs were recorded in one day in the recording studio. Tamera Cornwall and I were so at peace that the session had gone so good. The musicians were all great musicians and they had such humble hearts and spirits.

Now all the songs were recorded with the basic instruments. Now it was time to for me to sing. Since my voice was very rough, I only sang on one song. I asked the Lord, "If you want me to sing Lord, I need to have the voice to sing." I asked the Lord, "Lord I came here to do exactly as You want me to, I don't need to sing on every song, but I want to do Your will." I felt the Lord leading me to have other singers on this project. So I asked Rick who could sing with a lot of soul, both male and female and do you know a man who has a real airy voice. He suggested Chip Davis could sing with a very airy voice. So we had a singer for, "More of You." Rick suggested Angela Primm to sing with a great soul and spirit. He also said that Mitch Kenitzer could sing with great soul too. So we had our singers.

It was a great pleasure meeting Mitchel Jon Kenitzer. He had such a gentle humble spirit and a heart after God. He sang the first couple lines in the song, "He Is The Lamb," and I greatly felt the anointing and power of God released from this special vessel of the Lord. He had a great interpretation of the song and sung with such passion. Later the next week I met, Angela Primm - Angie Primm. She really had a deep passion for worship and things of the Lord. She was sharing how she was going to hold a worship teaching meeting. Again it was a real pleasure meeting her and seeing her heart and love for the Lord.

Angie Primm sang, "I Fall On My Knees," and she sang with such a power and passionate. Her soulful singing really blessed me and I felt this song would really be a great addition to the wonderful songs of gospel music. I sat down with Rick and Tamera and we discuss what we felt the CD needed now to be complete. I felt that there needed to be a sax and maybe a flute and Rick suggested to let Sam Levine decide what the songs needed. Sam Levine played on Amy Grant's CDs. I said that, "You're The King Of My Life," needed something more. Rick suggested to have Jason Webb play a B3 Organ. That was the perfect thing for that song.

We called Angela Primm and Mitch Kenitzer back in to record some more vocals and we were working on the song, "All The Saints Cry Out Holy," and it really seemed bare at the time. At the last minute we asked both Angie and Mitch to sing on the song and they were incredible. We decided to blend both of their voices into the song and it really made that song come alive! After that Rick had Jimmy Tarbutton mix the recording down and then Rick made the final master.

Once I received that master I began to study the recording day and night. I listened with my ears but mostly I listened with my spirit to see if the songs flowed. Was there anything that would take me out of the presence of God? I completely changed the order of the songs. After listening I knew the I should make other changes. I scheduled two days to fly back to Nashville to re-mix the CD. Jimmy and I spent two days making over 100 changes to the mix and we changed the order of the songs so they would flow together. My #1 desire was to have a worship CD that God was pleased with and a CD that someone could pray with, worship with and draw closer to God as they worshiped and prayed.

I hope you will enjoy worshipping with this worship CD as much as I do!

Cheryl Lundberg, Worship Leader and Songwriter and Visionary Producer for "Worship Into The Heavenlies"




It's time to worship with such passion that we WORSHIP INTO THE HEAVENLIES. It's time for us to enter into powerful, intense worship with our God. It's time that we worship with great passion to Jesus our Lord, our soon coming Bridegroom. It's time to fall in love with Jesus. It's time to turn all of our worship songs towards the Lord Jesus Christ. Our worship needs to be the best we can give Him. Our worship needs to be songs with words that sing about Jesus, not about us and what we can get from Him. Songs need to be about the greatness of our God. Songs need to adore Him, love Him, giving Him all the glory, honor and praise. Let's worship Him. Let's turn our heart towards God once again. It's time to give our lives as a living sacrifice, our TRUE WORSHIP. Let's give God everything we can in worship!



This is the NEW Gospel WORSHIP CD, "Worship Into The Heavenlies." These are songs that the Lord has blessed me with, featuring "HE IS THE LAMB." I was asleep and dreaming and in this dream I was sitting at the piano then suddenly I felt the presence of an angel of the Lord drop down from heaven and as soon as the angel landed behind me and his feet touched the ground the power of God surgered through my body and down my arms and out my fingers and I began to play and sing the song, "He Was The Lamb, sacrificed, the spotless Lamb for us crucified." "I FALL ON MY KNEES , " came during a prayer meeting in my home.The song came as we worshipped deep in the Presence of Spirit of God. I was playing the piano and Howard Bell began to sing with the music I was playing. It felt as if heaven came down in that moment as we all joined in and began to sing, "I Fall On My Knees and cry Holy, Holy. It truly was HEAVENLY INSPIRED!!!



Cheryl Lundberg

To GOD be ALL the GLORY & ALL the HONOR!





-Cheryl Lundberg

Worship Leader, Producer & Songwriter of the Worship CD, "Worship Into The Heavenlies."

The Story Behind the Worship CD, "Worship Into The Heavenlies."

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Written By: Cheryl Lundberg
© Copyright 2007 Fresh Fire Records & Publishing/ Fresh Fire International. All rights reserved. (No duplication without written permission)